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Weapons Collection
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  1. Anti-tank Gun

    Finnish Lahti L-39 M1939 20mm antitank gun in original crate with accessories; large blued steel gun with leather barrel jacket; detached ski mount of brass; four O.D. green ammuni...

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  2. Charles H. Rigdon Revolver

    Confederate revolver manufactured by Charles H. Rigdon, serial number 1490, with stamped markings of "Address/C.H. Rigdon/Augusta, GA" on the three flat surfaces at the top of the ...

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  3. Enfield Rifle, Berry Benson's

    This rifle is an Pattern 1853 Enfield .58 caliber short Navy rifle. It was stamped with the makers name of "Henry Clive" on the barrel. Henry Clive operated Gun Barrel Works in Bir...

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  4. Grenade - Civil War

    Named for Confederate Colonel George Washington Rains, this iron hand grenade was one of many explosive devices produced at the Augusta Arsenal. The sensitive tube, which served as...

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  5. Knife - Trench Knife, ca. 1917

    Trench knife and scabbard from World War I. The knife is US Model 1917 and it has a wood hilt and metal blade. The hilt has a metal handle with raised metal pieces that look like s...

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  6. Maschinengewehr 08 (MG 08)

    This is a Maschinengewehr 08 machine gun, also called an MG08. The serial number is #4759 (1918 Sommerda). It was developed from a version of the machine gun created by Hiram S. Ma...

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