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Broad Street Parking

Fine Arts Collection
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  1. Augusta Market Painting

    Painting of the old Augusta market building on Broad Street. The scene includes two wagons in front of the market. There are three African-American men in the foreground near a wag...

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  2. Charles Dawson Tilley Portrait

    Rectangular charcoal painting of Charles Dawson Tilley, an Irish immigrant who defended the honor of Mary Clark de l'Aigle. This portrait shows Tilley from the waist up. He is wear...

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  3. David Drake Jar 1

    Double-handle, large stoneware storage jar made by enslaved potter Dave from the Edgefield District of South Carolina. Dave (who took the name David Drake when he was emancipated) ...

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  4. David Drake Jar 2

    Twelve gallon, alkaline glazed stoneware jar from the Edgefield District of South Carolina that was made by Dave, an enslaved potter. The jar is signed "Dave" and dated "September...

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  5. Ezekiel Harris House Painting

    Oil painting of the Ezekiel Harris House, shown from the side. In the forefront of the painting is a white picket fence. A large colorful tree stands in the center of the painting....

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  6. Face Cup

    Alkaline glaze cup that was crudely constructed by an enslaved potter in the Edgefield District of South Carolina. This particular cup was made at the Palmetto Fire Brick Works whi...

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  7. Face Jar

    This face jar is expertly crafted with an alkaline glaze. The base is a wheel-turned vase with facial features attached after its turning. The jar has been given human ears with th...

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  8. Face Jug

    This face jug was crafted by an enslaved potter in the Edgefield District. It has an alkaline glaze with a handle and drinking spout. The jug has ears that have broken off, eye lid...

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  9. Gertrude Cullum Painting

    Portrait of Gertrude Perkins Cullum in Gold Frame.

    Gertrude Perkins Cullum was the sister of Henry Claudis Perkins. She married Julian Cullum June 7, 1905. Julian went on to...

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  10. Helen Joseph Cooper Macmurphy Portrait

    Large oval painting of a young woman, Mrs. Helen Joseph Cooper Macmurphy, from the torso up. She is wearing a brown dress with a fringed edge, a light blue scarf that is tied up i...

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  11. Louise de l'Aigle Seyd Reese Portrait

    Rectangular charcoal painting of Louise de l'Aigle Seyd Reese. This portrait shows Louise from the waist up turning to face the viewer over her right shoulder. She is wearing a lig...

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  12. Mary Stedman Clark de l'Aigle Portrait

    Large rectangular painting (probably oil) on canvas of Mary Stedman Clark de l'Aigle. She is depicted in her old age with silver curly hair covered by a long, white head scarf and ...

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