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Want to become an AMH Time Detective?

The Augusta Museum of History, in partnership with Destination Augusta as part of the Authentic Augusta program, has developed a museum experience like no other. Time Detectives is the first museum-centered digital adventure game of its kind. The experience is part-escape room, part-scavenger hunt, and all fun! Facilitated by a tablet, teams of 2-4 "time-traveling detectives" navigate the Story of Augusta exhibit on a mission to unscramble the past and save the future. 

Become a time detective protecting history as we know it and race against the clock to stop Reggie the Raccoon and his band of marauding miscreants' plan to disrupt the space-time continuum. Travel back in time solving various riddles, ciphers, and codes to collect the misplaced historical objects and return them to their proper place in time. The Agency will provide teams with all the tools necessary, including a "Top Secret Tool Kit" and electronic tablet through which they will communicate with the Chief and travel through time. Teams will have one-hour to stop Reggie and his crew, Felix the Fox, Maggie the Magpie, and Henrietta Hyena. If you fail, history may never be the same.

Take your Museum excursion to the next level by incorporating Time Detectives as part of your visit. Assemble your team, get your gear, and experience the Museum like never before in this 60-minute adventure. 

There are currently two mission options available. Missions are appropriate for middle school age and up. Teams must work toegether, communicating and strategizing to solve the riddles, break the codes, collect the historical objects and return them to their correct place in the timeline. This activity is perfect for family outings and team-building events. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Event kickoff - April 22, 2023
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General Public - $25 per person 
Museum Member - $20 per person (Must present ID upon arrival)

Bookings are for 1 tablet for up to 4 people. For groups of 5 or more, please book additional tablets as required. Please allow 1.5 hours for the experienc eand arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your booking time. If you arrive later than 15 minutes after your booking time, your booking will be forfeited.

*Bookings must meet a minimum of 8 people per tour. Want to book a party of 8 or more? Call our office at 706-722-8454 Monday - Friday from 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. 

For more information, read our FAQs before booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Time Detectives experience work?
Time Detectives is an interactive experience based on the principles of an escape room (just without the need to escape) that introduces participants to stories from Augusta's past and challenges them to work together to decipher riddles, search for hidden clues, break the codes, and gather the historical objects in order to set time aright.⁠ Time Detectives is facilitated by a tablet device. The tablet will guide you through your mission. During your allocated time, you will have a range of challenges requiring you to work together in order to collect the 5 historical objects and return them to their proper place in the timeline. Detective Cleo will meet with scheduled groups for their entrance exam and will provide assistance as needed throughout the experience. Teams will meet back at Headquarters for a debriefing.

We ask that you arrive at the Museum no later than 10 minutes before your allocated booking time. Those arriving 15 minutes late will forfeit their booking. The game is approximately 1 hour, but please allow 1.5 hours to complete your experience. NOTE: All bookings are non-refundable. You may, however, transfer your slot to another person.

What is the story behind the experience?
History Museums across America tell the stories of historical people and objects that have impacted the world. However, there are suspicious characters who travel through time seeking to disrupt the space-time continuum and change history forever. The AMH Detective Agency works to preserve history and ensure what does happen is supposed to happen. The Agency has received an anonymous tip that the notorious Reggie Raccoon and his crew of Mischievous Malcontents (Maggie Magpie, Felix Fox, and Henrietta Hyena) have targeted the Augusta Museum of History for their latest escapades. We are seeking qualified candidates to join Augusta's premier time-traveling investigative agency to be a part of the time-traveling teams to foil Reggie's foul plot!⁠ 

Complete all the missions!
Time Detectives currently has two missions with more to come. All missions intertwine around the central storyline - thwarting Reggie and his crew's attempts to disrupt the space-time continuum. 

How many people can play?
Each tablet can accommodate up to 4 people. If you have 5 players or more, you will be divided into groups using multiple tablets. This can add a fun, competitive element as you battle it out to restore the space-time continuum. For groups of more than 20 people, we recommend contacting us to book via email at amh@augustamuseum.org.

How hard is it?
Time Detectives isn’t a piece of cake! The game is designed to get your problem-solving and competitive juices flowing. The challenges and tasks range in difficulty but, overall, the intention is that the challenges are engaging and educational at the same time. There is a fixed time limit, and you may feel the pressure of the clock ticking! However, you are welcome to take it at your own pace and complete fewer challenges. You can always come back and try again.

Is there an age limit?
Time Detectives is aimed at adults and is intended to be challenging. However, the game has many tasks of varying levels of difficulty. We think youth will really start to enjoy it from 13 years up. The person reserving the tablet must be 16 years or older and must leave ID with the Front Desk. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there any physical requirements?
You will need to be able to read and view the collections in order to complete your mission. There are no other physical requirements. You do not need to (nor should you) run nor will you need to move or lift anything heavy. There are several interactive elements that will require at least two persons in order to effectively complete the task. The game is wheelchair friendly, suitable for hearing impaired and only available in English at the present time.

What if I get stuck?
The game has hints built into it for most challenges. Detective Cleo will also be available should you run into difficulty. You will only have three hints available per team, so use them wisely.

Is Time Detectives suitable for groups?
Yes! Time Detectives is a great team building activity for small or large groups. It requires teamwork, communication and strategic thinking. It’s suitable for corporate events, reunions, school/youth groups, sports groups and birthday parties. To enquire about a group event, please contact us at privateevents@augustamuseum.org.

Is this experience suitable for school groups?
Yes! Time Detectives utilizes skills similar to an escape room such as answering riddles, reading and interpreting maps/coordinates, and using observational and problem-solving skills to complete mental and physical challenges. While the experience is designed for a broad audience, it supports student learning and the social studies curriculum in addition to developing critical and creative thinking skills and building personal and social capability. 

Contact us!

PHONE: 706-4722-8454

EMAIL: privateevents@augustamuseum.org

ADDRESS: 560 Reynolds Street - Augusta, Georgia 30901

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