Past Exhibitions

Augusta 1864

Augusta, 1864 exhibit represents what the Augusta region was experiencing during General Sherman's March to the Sea.

Delightful Decanters

Merchants who used the bottles to sell their wares demanded more exciting and eye catching packaging to outsell their competitors...

A Child's World

Experience examples of children's fashion from the time of the Civil War to the 1970s.

Glamorous Gowns of Centuries Past

Whether it's a ball gown or a prom dress, these gowns are for special occasions. These three dresses epitomize the glamorous women of three generations - the Victorian era, the Flapper age, and Post-WWII period.

Tying the Knot

Marriage celebrates the union of two people and comes with a unique set of traditions. Wedding celebrations have grown over time from simple affairs in the home to large public parties with hundreds of guests.

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