Celebrating a Grand Tradition, The Sport of Golf

Golf Exhibition Page | Augusta Museum of History

Explore the history of golf and its legacy in Augusta. Highlights include the evolution of golf equipment, the extraordinary people that changed the game, and the unique courses that helped make the region a golf destination...

One Man, Two Ships: Lessons in History and Courage

Dyess Exhibition Page | Augusta Museum of History

Honoring the only person to ever win both the Carnagie Medal and the Medal of Honor, the amazing Jimmie Dyess...

A Community That Heals

HEART THUMB | Augusta Museum of History

A Community That Heals traces 200 years of medical history in Augusta..

Local Legends

LOCAL LEGENDS Thumb | Augusta Museum of History

The Augusta Museum of History is honored to present the stories of the regions extraordinary individuals with the opening of the Local Legends exhibition.

Protect and Serve

PROTECT THUMB | Augusta Museum of History

Presenting the stories of local law enforcement of the CSRA...


WJBF Exhibition Page | Augusta Museum of History

Augusta's first television station...

The Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown

exhibitions James Brown Thumb | Augusta Museum of History

This first of its kind exhibition features rare memorable and personal artifacts which vividly tell the story of Browns rise to worldwide fame...

Canteens to Combat Boots

CANTEENS THUMB | Augusta Museum of History

On view are examples of clothing and gear from World War I to Vietnam, such as service uniforms, rifles, and a look at what a typical soldier would have carried with him into battle...

Augusta's Story

NATIVE AMERICANS | Augusta Museum of History

This award-winning permanent exhibition presents 12,000 years of local history; from the areas first Native Americans through the Federal Era, Antebellum period, Civil War, Reconstruction and the making of a New South...

Transportation Corridor

Train Thumb | Augusta Museum of History

From a 1900 Farm Wagon to a 1917 Steam Locomotive, a reconstructed 1930's Gas Station and a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon the corridor follows over 150 years of transportation history in Augusta...

Into the Interior: A History of the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company

RAILROADTHUMB | Augusta Museum of History

Features artifacts and images from both the railroad and the banking operations of the most important company of Augusta and Georgia...